• Walk-in hours 

Our main concerns is to give asylum seekers a warm welcome, despite our limited means. The first meeting is about giving a warm welcome and listening to each person’s story.


  • Assistance with the asylum seeking procedure of appeals

This assistance is available to all, and is usually conducted over several appointments (usually three). An interpret can be present if needed. Our goal is to offer quality advice so that asylum seekers may build a strong case, with the proper documentation and within the required deadlines. We assist with the appeal, after the OFPRA ‘s refusal.

Lodge an appeal


  • Introduction to life in France

We organize several social gatherings to introduce asylum seekers to their new life in France. The goal is to give the opportunity to learn French in the classes we offer, for asylum seekers to meet and support each others, to create a social link. Activities are organized such as visits to museums, the Strasbourg cathedral, parks, concerts…


  • Friendly Wednesdays

Tea time for parents and children, with several activities offered such as games, drawing, discussions… While children are playing, parents may attend a French class with a professor. Join us on Wednesday afternoons from 3:30pm to 5:30pm in the large room on the ground floor.


  • Advocacy

Delivering information on asylum right and making public opinion aware of specific problems met by asylum seekers.